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The Best Cooking Courses in Paris

Paris Cooking Courses

Cooking With the Parisians

For those curious about French cuisine, sign up for the hands-on cooking courses offered in small groups throughout Paris. Satisfy your curiosity to know how those Parisians make the perfect baguette or coq au vin. For simple varieties, learn how to make chicken stock the way the French do, create your very own macaron, or master the classic croissant. Visit food markets such as the Marché St. Germain in the morning and get right into a cooking course with excellent chefs eager to share their culinary culture with you. You’ll use only the freshest ingredients. You may even cook in the home of a Parisian chef. But whether your palate is sweet or savory, you are bound to find an exciting cooking course to make you never look at French gastronomy in the same way again. 


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The Best Wine Tasting in Paris

Paris Wine Tasting

Take Your Glass and Make It Full

You cannot leave Paris without some wine tasting. Join in on the various wine tastings in Paris, where you taste several wines, learn the most important rules of French wine, and dive into French cheese, bread, sliced hams and olives. Pair up your wine tasting experience with chocolate tasting or a 4-course elegant dinner in Ô Chateau, a hotel of the 17th century where Rousseau and Voltaire frequently visited. Know how to navigate through a wine list, spot the most significant wine regions in France and master the art of food and wine pairing. Or venture towards the countryside between Loire-Valley and Burgundy on a day trip wine excursion in vineyards to enjoy the most prestigious French wines. Walk along the picturesque village streets and get a taste of the French joie de vivre


Paris Vineyards

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