What to eat in Paris

Paris Food History

About French Food

While the countryside of France has long served as the main supplier of food in Paris for centuries, Paris today is supplied with food from all corners of France and the world...
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Paris Restaurant

Paris Restaurant Guide

Restaurants in Paris are diverse, traditional and many, so visit these recommended culinary havens to experience the best that Paris has to offer...
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Paris Cafes

Paris Café Guide

Cafes across Paris appeal to the masses — most notably, the local Parisians — and if you are looking to blend in, then discovering your café préféré is the answer...
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Paris Cooking

Food & Wine Events

For those curious about French cuisine, sign up for the hands-on cooking courses offered in small groups throughout Paris or join in on the various wine tastings...
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Paris Food Market

Paris Food Markets

With over 80 food and specialist markets, Paris offers an ever-abundant supply of fresh seasonal produce and artisinal products across every arrondissement...
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